About us

Meet Ashley, busy mother of 3, lover of fashion and decor, and owner of The Fashion Truck KC!

You may know Ashley from The Makery KC, a DIY workshop event space in Kansas City's West Bottoms Shopping district. Ashley's love for DIY and home decor plus her passion for gathering women together in community led to the creation of The Makery KC. Surrounded by all the local KC maker's and shopping inside of Bella Patina, Ashley continued to grow her business into a retail collection with local KC makers and home decor finishings. As the events grew in popularity, Ashley began to do “pop out” Makery workshops in other locations. She wanted to offer the same excitement for shopping that all the guest enjoyed during workshops on the third floor of Bella Patina. This gave her an opportunity to bring her love of fashion and decor into a new expansion project, a mobile boutique on wheels. In true DIY fashion, Ashley decided to find an old delivery truck and do the build out herself with a few friends and a lot of determination! 

Ashley was on a mission to stock her truck with fashion apparel that she loved and that she had noticed all the women at her workshops looking for. Comfort plus quality with a pop of trend. She also understands the lack of time busy working women, moms and the double whammy working moms have for themselves. We all know too well that drive by shopping through Target where we grab and toss items into that big red cart and pray it will fit something other than a teenager's body. What better way to conveniently shop than your very own shopping party where a truck full of fashion decked out in a modern aesthetic (and yes even a dressing room) shows up at your door! Watching all the women leave her workshops with something beautiful to take home, re-energized from laughing and spending time with friends and new acquaintances gave realization to the life-giving time needed to gather with each other. So invite some friends and plan a shopping experience that will offer you and your crew a much needed time enjoying each other!