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Wreath Collection                               Price Range

Our stunning collection of Brass Ring Wreaths are wildly popular. This is a great project to select for medium to large sized group. With simple and few steps to create a costume and modern wreath, everyone will enjoy their time and leave with something beautiful to take home. This project takes between 20-40 mins and allows for plenty of time to chat, mingle and shop!

Brass Ring with Faux Seasonal Floral.......               $45-$55

Brass Ring with Macrame.......                                   $45-$55

Living Greenery with Wooden Wreath......                   $45-$55

Wooden Ball and Floral Wreath......                                $60


Sign Collection                                     Price Range

Create and paint a customized sign with our vinyl stencils. This project is best for smal to medium sized groups and will take about 45mins to 1 hour to complete. Allows for plenty of time to socialize, snack and shop!

Wood Bath Tray.....                                                     $45

Wood Pallet Sign......                                                   $50

Wood Framed Sign....                                                  $55

Clear Acrylic Sign.....                                                $45-65

Ladder Collection                              Price Range

Another favotite project. This project is suprisingly simple and creates a huge statement decor piece. Perfect for any home decor wether modern, farmhouse or tranditional. Customize with paint choices or stain and adorn with blankets or tea towels or drape a banner or garland across.

Small Table Top Faux Ladder.....                                 $45

Large Blanket Ladder......                                             $60

Large Copper Ladder......                                             $75

Jewelry Collection                                Price Range

Great project for larger groups, work events or women's gatherings. Personaliztion is what makes this a class favorite. The stamped keychain has been popular with large events and youth gatherings. Simple project with minimal time obligation.

Stamped Jewelry.......                                                   $35

Stamped Keychain....                                                   $25


Polymor Clay Earings...                                               $35

Kintsugi Necklace or Bowl....                                      $35-40

Popular Projects                               Price Range

Woven Basket with Pom Poms                                   $45

Rope and Yarn Rainbow wall Art                                $45-55


Fairy Gardens                                                               $45

Spring Floral Planters *seasonally available                $50


email for more options